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Union Pacific Railroad Freight Yard


North Platte, Nebraska


Fibergrate FRP molded grating 2" depth, 2" x 2" mesh pattern, FGI-AM Resin System, and 4' x 12' panels

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Lightweight material save end user money because installation costs were lower than those of steel.

Corrosion Resistant:

FRP will outlast steel.

Low Maintenance:

FRP requires little maintenance and no repainting with minimal fading in a sunny environment.

Application Highlights:

When Union Pacific Railroad constructed the world's largest freight yard in North Platte, Nebraska, the facility was specifically designed to reduce downtime associated with refueling and light routine maintenance.

As part of the design strategy, an alternative to steel walkway grating was to be used. Conventional steel grating was slippery after exposure to oil and diesel fuel, presenting a serious safety hazard for railroad employees. The designers need a product that was slip-resistant as well as one that would hold up to the constant exposure of oil and fuel.

The railroad chose Fibergrate 1-1/2" deep, IFR molded grating with a grit top surface in lieu of steel walkways. While the FRP molded grating provided the answer to the worker safety problem by providing a slip-resistant surface, it also offered a unique combination of high strength and corrosion resistance. Shortly after completion on the first phase of the installation, a 1,200 pound crane operator's cab fell 25-30 feet, landing on the newly installed molded grating walkway. The 14" steel I-beam supporting the grating was bent approximately 8" and required replacement. However, the IFR molded grating experienced only slight surface damage and is still in use.

With Fibergrate grit top FRP molded grating, Union Pacific rail yard employees are now assured of walkways that provide superior footing and the company can count on the long life and quality appearance of this highly visible grating application.

Union Pacific - FRP in Transportation