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LA Metro Light Rail

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Project Specs:

Location: : Los Angeles, California

Application: LA Metro - Light Rail, Division 16

Product: ViCorr® 2” Deep, 2” Square Mesh Molded Grating with Grit Surface




The Los Angeles Metro Rail is one of the main transportation systems in Los Angeles, California. It has two rapid transit subway lines and four light rail lines. Recently, a new facility was built in the Southwestern Yard; this 115,000-square-foot space will function as the maintenance and inspection facility for the light rail vehicles.


As a maintenance platform for one of the most important transportation systems in Los Angeles, the materials needed to be:

• Corrosion resistant: At a facility where cleaning, washing, painting, and body repairs will take place, corrosion resistance is key.

• Long service life: Exposure to different kinds of chemicals every day as well as possible heavy machinery impacts requires this application to provide outstanding durability and improved product life over traditional materials.

• Low maintenance: The service platform is used on a daily basis. Additional concerns for the client were saving money in maintenance and preventing the grating walkway from becoming unusable due to maintenance.


The material used for this project was the ViCorr 2” deep, 2” square mesh molded grating with grit surface; this vinyl ester resin outperforms a number of competitive fiberglass and metal products and meets the requirements for corrosion resistance found in industrial, chemical processing, and water/wastewater applications. ViCorr molded gratings would help reduce or eliminate the need for heavy maintenance like sandblasting, scraping and painting.

Originally, the client wanted to use galvanized steel for this project. Due to the requirements of the maintenance facility, the contractor suggested FRP instead since it covered their need for corrosion resistant materials. Fibergrate won the bid because of our customer service and past positive experiences with the coordination among sales, project management, and the contractor. This is proof that Fibergrate’s product quality can only be matched by its customer service experience


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