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Boat Launch Dock Alaska

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Project Specs:

Location: Boat Launch - Eagle Rock, Kenai, Alaska

Application: Boat Launch for Salmon Fishing

Product: Safe-T-Span® I4010 ISOFR and Safe-T-Span® I4015 ISOFR




In an isolated channel of the Kenai River in Alaska you will find Eagle Rock’s Boat Launch: an outdoor space designed for people to board and disembark from private and commercial boats used for tourism and fishing.


An analysis of the vegetation banks revealed damage caused by increased recreational use and land development. The damage was slowly endangering the habitat for juvenile salmon. After reviewing the results of the investigation, the client decided to renovate their boat launch and to create floating platforms to prevent further damage of the vegetation banks.

The real challenge started when the client realized they needed very specific materials for the renovation of this boat launch’s deck. The grating used for this project needed to:

  • Permeate sunlight: The decking materials needed to filter sun’s rays through the gratings so they could hit the aquatic vegetation.
  • Slip resistant: Due to the environment, the dock is often wet and has constant pedestrian traffic. Slip resistance is important to keep pedestrians safe.
  • Corrosion resistant: Because the dock is located on a river and exposed to drastic weather changes, it required the material to have a high resistance to corrosion.
  • Impact resistant: Possible impacts from approaching vessels as well as constant pedestrian traffic, so impact resistance will definitely help prevent repair and maintenance expenses.


Fibergrate® and the contractor in charge of the renovation of this boat launch were able to meet the requirements of the client and local dock laws with pultruded grids Safe-T-Span® I4010 ISOFR and Safe-T-Span® I4015 ISOFR with 6” tie bars. This material provides openings on the deck that will allow the sunlight to touch the vegetation banks, it is corrosion, slip, and impact-resistant, therefore it won’t require constant maintenance, and it will have a long service life in comparison to traditional products.

Although this project was based on specific requirements by the client, it is important to highlight the fact that Fibergrate was able to meet strict standards while standing out for its excellent customer service. In addition to making high-quality products for our customers, we are contributing to keep our planet safe. In this case, it was to help preserve the habitat for juvenile salmon in Kenai, Alaska. It goes without saying that the project was a very positive experience for both the contractor and the final client, opening the door for awesome opportunities with both of them in the near future.


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