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Access Flooring System for Fountain

Covered GRP Molded Grating, Grating PedestalsCovered FRP Molded GratingFRP Grating Cover for Water Fountain

Project Specs:

Location: Macau, China

Application: Access Flooring System for Fountain

Product: Covered Molded Grating and Grating Pedestals




This grand hotel in Macau, China, houses more than 1,500 rooms, suites, and villas. There are 13 casual and fine dining restaurants, the largest spa in the city, and a 424,000 square foot casino; all of which are packed into a 28-story building. The resort boasts a wide array of entertainment options which include an eight-acre performance lake with its very own choreographed fountain’s brought together by music and lights as well as a cable car ride where guests can enjoy the aquatic spectacle and the beautiful sights. To top it off, the resort is adorned by custom-designed, large-scale floral sculptures.


When the hotel was built in 2015, the customer was in search of a solution to cover and protect the fountain’s wires and pumps. Because the products would be underwater most of the time, they needed to resist the corrosive effects of the chemicals used to clean the water fountain. They needed to be lightweight, so they could be removed for routine maintenance of the wiring system when necessary. They needed to be long lasting to reduce downtime of the water fountain show which is the centerpiece of the hotel and Macau itself.


Fibergrate’s fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) covered molded grating and grating pedestals were chosen for this project. The fiberglass panels are used as an access flooring system to cover and protect the fountain’s wires, and the grating pedestals provide sturdy support to the elevated flooring system. For this project, Fibergrate used a special surface finish on the grating, so the client could apply black coating on top to match the application’s aesthetics. Thanks to the corrosion resistance of FRP, the covered grating will require little maintenance, reducing the need to stop the performance lake spectacle. The lightweight properties of Fibergrate FRP made the installation quicker and easier and will allow for easy removal for future maintenance on the wiring system.

Manufacturers located near this resort attempted to win this bid by offering competitive prices, but Fibergrate’s services, quality, and consistent track record stood out. This project marked the beginning of Fibergrate’s Asia Pacific business expansion plan, and we cannot think of a better way to start this expansion plan than with a successful project and a pleased customer.


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