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  • Aqua Grate® Pultruded Gratings

    G R P Aquagrate Pultruded Grating Decking
    G R P Aquagrate Pultruded Grating Decking F R P


      • Lightweight
      • Corrosion Resistant
      • Slip Resistant
      • Low Maintenance
      • Low Installation Cost
      • Close Load Bar Spacing
      • Suitable for Barefoot Traffic
      • ADA Compliant

    Aqua Grate is specifically engineered to withstand corrosive conditions associated with recreational and marine applications. The unique design provides easy, inexpensive installation in swimming pools, water parks, marinas and piers. With a minimal 1/4" space between the bearing bars, Aqua Grate offers comfort and safety for bare feet - a must in high traffic recreational areas. Whether in chlorinated or salt water environments, Aqua Grate will offer years of low-cost, low maintenance service.

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